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Unlock the secretive world of piercing and a lifetime of achievement with a rewarding career piercing with one of the leading piercing training course providers in Derby, Nottingham & Leicester.

Every piercing artist will tell you the amount of time and dedication it takes to become competent in piercing. All artists have to make a start somewhere usually wasting years due to lack of information and a virtually impossible task trying to obtain it, sometimes putting themselves and others at risk through inexperience. Piercing apprenticeships are rare and often drawn out. Give yourself the best possible start by avoiding if's, buts and maybes. Our courses are some of the most in depth you can take. You are guided through a 5 day intensive training course with our guaranteed lifetime pledge either on line, postal or by a personal tutor on call.

A unique and rare opportunity to book a genuine training course with a fully qualified tutor within one of the most highly respected and innovative companies. Guaranteeing the right amount of affordable professional tuition needed to become a qualified piercing artist.

Inka Piercing Training offers you one of the most comprehensive piercing courses available on the market in and around Derby, Nottingham & Leicester developed and tutored by friendly professional artists with years of experience and expertise in the industry, resulting in a professional diploma qualification on graduation. We have a number of courses available catering from total beginners to novice piercers. Our courses cover all aspects of piercing techniques and demonstrations, piercing and studio equipment, supply routes, business advice and legalities, shop set up, people skills, plus a chance to participate directly on the shop floor with professional piercing artists.

Most of the courses available include all the equipment you will need with professional brands from all the leading manufacturers. These sets of piercing equipment are used by some of the world's best and they are not apprentice kits.

An innovative learning experience designed to work alongside the student, giving the highest standard of advanced training ever provided and changing your life forever.

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